Incorporated in the year 1989, Pliogrip Resins & Chemcials Pvt. Ltd., commenced the manufacturing of Unsaturated Polyester Resins in all grades. Thereafter, as the market grew and the applications became more and more demanding in terms of performance, the company started the manufacturing of Vinyl Ester Resins in the year 1993 and Epoxy Resin Systems in the year 1998.
The company has all the necessary manufacturing and testing facilities for the production of these resins. The R&D, headed by highly qualified and experienced professionals, is constantly engaged in developing new products and evaluating new product applications. The product range is accordingly updated continuously. Treating customers as their partners in their development programme, the company works closely with fabricators and engineers at all the stages.
The fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) produced using Pliogrip RESINS, are being used in several different chemical environments. For the chemicals, where resistance data is not available or if the customer is using FRP for the first time in such chemical environment, the R&D carries out the testing, using a small unreinforced laminate, "COUPON", in that chemical environment. The data in terms of deterioration of physical properties, loss of gloss, change in colour, apperance of cracks / blisters and fibre prominence are reported to the customer. Coupons are also sent to the customer for independent evaluation at their end.


     Our Product Ranges
  • Unsaturated polyester Resin
  • Bisphenol Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Cobalt / Promoters / MEKP.
  • Laminates
  • Electrical system
  • Reactive Diluents
  • Curing Agents
  • Metallic Putties

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